7 Hotel Amenities That Would Improve Your Business

Free Wifi:

Free WiFi is quickly becoming an amenity just like shampoo: guests expect it, many business travelers actually need it for a successful trip and they don’t want to pay for it. For some guests, no free WiFi can be a deal-breaker. Make sure guests know how to connect or where to find the password when they arrive. Want to go above and beyond? Let guests stream their favorite TV through platforms like Netflix via your hotel room TVs.

VIP Shopping at Local Merchants:

Do guests shop or dine at local restaurants when they stay at your property? If they do, they’ll certainly appreciate a little extra discount or some freebies! If you’re a luxury hotel with a concierge they should already have great relationships and if not, it’s time to start building them! Create a customized area coupon book to help guests save money and encourage them to eat or shop local.

This project doesn’t need to be something that you take on by yourself; partner with local businesses to create a neighborhood coupon book that includes restaurant offers (like a complimentary dessert), shop discounts, a free fitness class, or discounts on tours or activities. It’s a win-win for your hotel, your guest, and your local business neighbors.

Free Parking:

Free parking can be a huge draw, especially in cities without readily available public transportation. Parking is another way to compete with short-term rentals. Some short-term rentals include a parking space, so if your hotel’s parking comes at a fee, that’s another reason for guests to opt for an Airbnb. We recommend doing some research on short-term rentals in your market to see what the parking trends are. The more upscale your hotel, the more guests will expect valet parking.

Mobile Check-In:

We hear a lot of buzz about guestroom technology and sustainability within hotel operations, but this innovation isn’t only limited to the guestroom. With a tech-forward property management system like Hotel time, you can streamline your check-in process and make your front office more eco-friendly. Hoteltimes system offers a completely paperless check-in with no registration cards to sign and no printouts. Instead, the entire process is handled on a tablet through integrations with check-in kiosk hardware providers.

After the guest is checked in, they can leave comments via online comment cards, and when they’re ready to depart, the front desk agent can send their folio via email. In contrast to printing several copies of the guest’s bill, Hoteltimes system makes it easy to sign and send folios electronically, which saves time and paper.


A luxurious spa can incorporate some extra magic into any weekend getaway. You can even offer promotions on check-in for couples looking to get massages together.

Local History at Turndown

Current trends show that guests want a more local experience when they stay at hotels, and what could be more local than some interesting tidbits about the hotel’s or area’s history? Make the turndown experience even more special by placing a postcard or trinket with a unique story on the bed (perhaps in addition to a little sweet treat) in the evening. 

Custom Offers

You can really impress guests by going the extra mile to match a guest’s offers with their actual likes and interests. Some hotels even give guests personalized gifts on arrival after gathering some basic information from a simple social media search.

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