Hospitality trends around the world

Contactless Interactions

Contactless check-ins and check-outs are possible with mobile apps and NFC (Near Field Communication). Some hotels have already implemented this technology and made it possible for the customers not to interact with the reception staff and go straight to their room once they arrive.

Contactless check-ins and outs save a lot of time for the guests. There is no need to wait in line or sit for hours in the hall of the hotel. This technology will increase the level of guest satisfaction.

Also, the app can provide useful information for the hotel staff and notify them when their visitors will arrive, so everything is ready on time.

There are also other types of contactless check-ins that use:

  • facial recognition
  • membership programs (Hilton Honors mobile application)
  • passport information

Stay Cations

In stark contrast to last year’s no. 5 hospitality industry trend “booming global tourism”, travel restrictions in 2020 have facilitated the rise of the stay cation. Some vacationers may also be choosing to stay closer to home for environmental or budgeting reasons, with this year having seen a marked uptick in holidays spent more locally. Surging online content promising to “create a balcony haven” or “a garden oasis to be proud of” is a sign of the times.


A hospitality trend that is both current and a hallmark of recent years is “sustainability” it’s a natural extension of avoiding disposable plastics and eliminating unnecessary paper consumption. More ethical and environmental considerations are shaping decisions made at the hospitality management level. Decisions about things as simple as which towel rails to install during renovations have disproportionate repercussions when implemented at scale. Simple eco-friendly switches include replacing miniature toiletries with larger locally sourced dispensers, choosing ethically produced bed sheets made from organic materials and reducing energy consumption with smart bulbs, etc. Vegetarian and vegan options also harbor well-known environmental advantages.

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