Top Tips for Giving Guests a Warm Welcome

Anticipate their tech

It’s always nice to have an extra charger or two. Find an easily-visible outlet and make sure it’s empty so guests don’t have to worry about what they can unplug. While you’re at it, write down the WIFI name and password and display it for your guests so they don’t have to ask. 

Check the details:

Check the details to make sure everything is in order before guests arrive. Unused guest rooms sometimes go unnoticed because they’re not used daily (unless you have guests over all the time). That’s why you should check the light bulbs, set the clocks to the right time, and make sure the remotes are fully functioning. Clean the dust off of spots that are easy to miss and include recent magazines somewhere in the room in case guests forgot their reading materials.

Provide Special Amenities

What do you appreciate having when traveling? What might you forget to pack? What amenities would be nice to have? Stock your guest room (or wherever guests may be sleeping) and bathroom with things to make them comfortable:

Bottled water, snacks (especially if they arrive late in the evening—they may not want to ask!), travel or sample size toiletries, toothpaste, make-up removing wipes (bonus: they may save your towels!) hairdryer, hand cream.

Feel free to contact us for guest amenities, click on the link to go to our guest amenity

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