Top ways to earn and build customer loyalty

Reward Customers

Who wouldn’t love a “Buy 10 bags and get the 11th free” offer? This gives the customer something to aspire to and increases the chances of them coming back. Giving coupons to your customers is another effective way to keep them coming back; you can offer free shipping through your ecommerce store for orders over a certain amount or deliver a free gift with a purchase.

Ask For Feedback 

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. That’s why it’s essential to ask people’s opinions as often as possible. If you have a retail store or office, you can simply ask people informally what they think about something. This isn’t always completely reliable, as people may be too polite to tell you what they really think in person. But at least it shows you care. For more accurate assessments, create polls, surveys and questionnaires, either online or that you or your employees hand out. Ask about as many details as possible. If you serve food, ask about specific dishes and for suggestions on how to improve. Ask about your decor (or website), which products or services they like best (and least) and for suggestions for new products and act with data received.

Deliver on quality and value (more than what is expected)

One of the obvious ways of building brand loyalty is to deliver on everything you have promised and deliver that to the highest of standard. Never letting them down. The services and products you provide also need to be of the highest quality – maintaining this quality in everything you do so that the value you offer is never questioned. Understand what satisfies your clients and focus your energy on here. If you can exceed your client’s expectations, there will be no reason for your client to look elsewhere in the direction of your competitors.

Talk to your clients/customers regularly

Regularly speaking to your customers helps strengthen the bond between you and your organisation, and your client and their organisation. Tell your clients about the developments within your organisation (and in your personal life where relevant) and ask them about theirs. Use social media to keep you informed so you can actively participate with their updates. In this instance, you are looking for the client to like you on a personal level and there’s no better way of doing this than taking in an interest.

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