It takes a lot of effort to run a hotel. And in the current post-pandemic era, more measures have to be put in place to improve client experiences if you want to optimize revenue and increase direct bookings.

There are some marketing strategies you can implement to stay ahead in the industry.

Make Your Hotel’s Website User-Friendly: The website for your hotel should be mobile-friendly, easy to access, fast and dependable. It should also demonstrate what you have to offer. Also, make sure your guests are aware of your COVID preventive procedures.

Hotel Photographs Should Be Appealing: Hire a professional photographer to take attractive pictures of your hotel. These photos can be shared on the hotel’s social media pages, website, and online travel agencies to increase direct bookings.

Reward Direct Bookings: Make sure your clients have a compelling reason to book directly with you rather than through online travel agents. Kind gestures such as surprise gifts or special services would leave a lasting impact and help create long-term guest relations.

Go Extra with Loyal Customers: Return guests may expect you to acknowledge their loyalty. Small gestures like a ‘welcome back’ card or complimentary drink can make them feel special.

Prioritize Guest Experience: Guests who have a positive experience are more likely to return to your hotel. Your first objective should be to make their reservation, check-in, stay, and departure as pleasant as possible.

It is crucial that you understand your customers and their needs. This will help you provide the best comforts for your guests and ensure their happiness. Happy guests leave good reviews and good reviews will drive more revenue to your hotel.

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